New sites

  1. Website

    I learned how to use git and the static site generator Jekyll back in 2017, because I was bothered by the idea of having a pre-templated website. I ended up making a website that looked like a Squarespace site. This new site is an evolution of that.

    I bunch of ideas came to me after napping multiple times, so I went with it instead of overthinking. I don’t really get to use my favorite fonts, so I implemented them in the titles. Gotta say it feels good to buy fonts. I couldn’t not buy Orientation. Feeling uncertain about using Beastly justified, but good thing it’s not a tattoo. As for the shapes, the reuleaux triangle (Projects) is a refinement of the square (Fragments : experiments, past snapshots) which is carved from the circle (Annotations : thoughts, observations, context).

  2. Homesite

    ↗ Lizzo — Good As Hell

    I moved to ✨Minneapolis✨ It feels nice and homey here, and life currently is fairly simple in a non-complacent way. I don’t take sunny days and pretty skies for granted as much. And folks are quite welcoming here. What is this supposed Minnesota nice? I sense an undercurrent of hard work and humbleness in this city. I also became aware of Lizzo since she started out here. She makes the most uplifting music I have heard since discovering Talking Heads.