The greatest fiction in my life is my future. I mainly read non-fiction.

It is depressing how much people hate their life currently. I am avoiding that as much as possible. I am more comfortable at an inaudible distance. I feel disappointing up close. Eventually I will move beyond avoidance and toward pursuance. Well, I am. I am avoiding bullshit careerisms and pursuing life’s simple pleasures. My own hierarchy of needs. Good food, good company. Enough.

If I don’t enjoy now, I won’t exist tomorrow.

Meet Milo Benji (he’s not chill and conistently sweet enough to be a Milo, but he is a perfect bungee cord Benji). My body is a pillow & I can blink “I love you.”

Now that’s what I call making a living.

The ultimate distance is posthumous.

I’m a virgo. I recently learned that my rising sign is aquarius and my moon sign is sagitarrius. Steven Yeun talked about primal astrology (combines western and eastern astrology) in his GQ interview. I am a starfish. It’s all pretty accurate. INTJ, too.

I hear gunshots from my apartment every other night it seems. I feel okay knowing I lived earlier in the day.