Zazz font and minisite

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A font designed for display typesetting and pattern-making & a website tailored to present it digitally and facilitate on-site prints (2019)

CJ Type redesign

Preview of redesign & web development for the type foundry cjtype.com (2019)

The new site, which uses the static site generator 11ty, showcases and activates variable fonts that have been in the foundry since the beginning. Additions include a gallery for fonts in use and improvements to the buying process.

CSS typeface

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Responsive letters made out of HTML divs (2018)

100 Years books

Yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be: coptic-bound books visualizing an ambitious lifetime of 100 years (2018–2019)

Each of the nine editions were customized for each friend’s birth date and name. Lists of dates (leap days included) were generated in Python and broken into spreads through InDesign’s search and replace function. A single spread represents a year. Days passed up to the moment of printing were automatically striked through, with future dates to be crossed out by the owner of the book. The books are coverless and prone to wear, either accepting damage as evidence of journey or requiring care and attention for preservation.


Made for WashU’s BFA in Communication Design Capstone Exhibition (2019)

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Lettering for the ARCH poster series organized by the non-profit Type Hike (2019)

Custom and modified type drawn to reflect the Jewel Box, an art deco green house (2018)

Double-sided poster and calendar recomposing aspects of the school’s visual identity (2017)