Drüp Roman / Römische Antiqua revival (Type West)

Since graduating in 2019, I have unlearned and learned anew. Currently I’m noticing an overt synthesis of the two: reapproaching old lessons from a new perspective, a perspective not fully known to me. The present is ephemeral; the past is easier to construct.

I am overwhelmingly inspired at the moment, with so many thoughts and ideas, but unable to execute and realize them all at once. Restless. Writing is often the first step. I have been so full in my head that I’ve had trouble articulating myself, because where do I start! I have 1 million things to say at once. Everything is connected and non-linear.

I revisited previous archives and process writings as I’ve been prompted to revisit work and thoughts that are at least 2 years old now. I am excited to pick up where I left off now that I’ve had time to grow in other areas.

I am currently in my last term studying type design at Type West, and my god, looking back to when the program started in February, I have been in a different place mentally each term and break. The program has felt both short and long.

The first term project was doing a revival. I framed my project as an interpretation, but where I ended up is still quite faithful to the original. It was a negotiation of how to make something feel contemporary. Understanding what is contemporary is a question beyond time. It is an evaluation of the present and culture as a whole. I was drawn to Römische Antiqua because it is simply beautiful. Classic but not in a standard way with an understated personality.

link to the full PDF

I ended the term feeling like the project was unambitious (I had never drawn a seriffed typeface like this and was expecting it to be a difficult process. It was honestly pretty chill overall). But looking back on it, my decision to digitize this typeface in particular reflects the kind of type I am interested in making. I described Römische as lacking a connotation, something that when remade is brought into the process of becoming. I am having trouble articulating what I want the current typeface family I’m working on to be, as it is in conversation with the past, present, and future and something that is to be complete after the fact. It reminds me of how I often write essays without an explicit thesis statement. I and the reader arrive at a point at the end, but even then the essay usually ends with a question or a thought to be developed.

I am starting to ask myself more what I want to learn. I still am not quite proficient in understanding the pen and contrast models. But how I want my typeface to overlap with other facets of culture is still on the fore. I can only focus on form for so long nowadays. I am interested in asking the bigger questions. Though I do need to answer the smaller ones to be able to get there. And again, making brings things into the process of becoming. Too! Many! Thoughts!